How to avail a free sneaker?

  • Go to the respective “MEN” or “WOMEN” section in the main navigation and choose any sneaker of your choice from the season collection and add it to the cart
  • Then, navigate to the “Men” or “Women” section under BOGO depending on which sneaker you want and add it to the cart
  • Automatically the BOGO sneaker will be priced at Rs.0 
  • Pay for one sneaker and get TWO! Buy two and get Four!
  • Enjoy!! 

P.S. : Offer will NOT be applied if you add the BOGO sneaker first and then you choose from the season collection.

Return and Exchange Policy (BOGO)

  1. If you want to exchange (for a different size only) both the sneakers in your order, you can raise it with us, but we will charge you a pickup fee of ₹399.
  2. If you want to exchange (for a different size only) the sneaker from the season collection (the one that is not from BOGO), you can raise it with us, but we will charge you a pickup fee of ₹199.
  3. If you want to exchange (for a different size only) the BOGO sneaker which you got for FREE, unfortunately, we will not be able to accept your request
  4. RETURNS NOT PERMITTED in any combination during the Sneaker BOGO.

Frequently Asked Questions

What If I add two sneakers from the BOGO section?

Since it is Buy One and Get One free, the price for only one sneaker will be waived. If you add two, you must pay for the second one. 

When is the last date of the BOGO sale?

Offer valid till 16th July 2024, 11:59 PM. HURRY, SHOP NOW!

Will a particular size be restocked in the BOGO section?

Limited stock only. Stock on first come first serve basis and will not be coming back 

What if I want a sneaker from season collection for FREE?

Sorry you can only get the BOGO sneakers for FREE

 Can I return the sneakers during BOGO?

Sorry no returns permitted in any combination while the sneaker BOGO is live! However, exchange for a different size is definitely possible.